You’re thinking about booking a band for your wedding, but you want to get it right! These tips and tricks will help you choose the perfect band for the best day of your life.

Why you should use an agent

The number one reason to use a music agent to find your entertainment is that they’ve already weeded out the bad apples. Music agencies have very little patience for unprofessional bands and have very high standards. A good agent will also take care of the paperwork, offer advice and make sure you are aware of all the costs involved.

Step One: Watch videos

This is normally the first time a band gets to show you what they can do. Have they made an effort to present themselves well? Normally the songs featured in the video are examples but you can have a look at the band’s song list and pick your favourites. Many bands will also learn your first dance if it’s not on their song list. To illustrate how useful a video can be, we love this video show reel from The Deps.

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Step Two: Ask to see reviews

The agent should be able to give you examples of reviews from satisfied customers, and tell you about their history with the band.

Step Three: Find out if you can see a band playing a public gig

If a band are busy playing at weddings, then it’s unlikely you will be able to see them play live. If they’re performing lots of public gigs, it’s usually an indication that they aren’t playing at many functions. Many bands play at both public and private gigs so either way, it’s worth asking.

Step Four: What other questions should you ask?

You can see a full list of our FAQ’s here but some things to think about include:

  • How long will the band perform for?
  • Will they supply MP3 music while they’re not performing or do I need a DJ?
  • Will the band bring lighting and sound equipment?
  • Will the band learn our first dance?
  • Are the band able to offer acoustic sets for the Champagne Reception?
  • Can the band work with a volume limiter? If you’re not sure what this is check out our blog on Volume Limiters, and how to work with them.

Step Five: Contracts and deposits

One thing you should insist on is a contract signed by both sides. You should make sure that it clearly states how long the band will play for and what happens in the event that you, or the band, cancel the performance. Most bands will ask for a deposit payment of 15-25%.

The Live Music Agent offers a plethora of amazing bands. You can watch videos, see set lists and read reviews of our bands by clicking here.

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